The network held a series of strategic planning meeting with its member organizations on March 24-25.
"Women for Change" NGO and "MONFEMNET National Network" NGO consortium are collaborating to organize the "Women's Leadership Network."
The XIV Conference "Through Women's Eyes: Care Economy" is scheduled to take place.
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A SERIES OF DISCUSSIONS THEMED "THE STUDIO OF STRATEGY" On March 24 and 25, the network convened a series of strategic planning meetings with its affiliate organizations. As funded by the Equality Fund, the process of developing the Network's three-year strategic framework that is based on collective analysis and participatory methodology is ongoing and will soon be finalized. The discussion intended: • To develop a theory of change that will bring about the desired social change and kick-off the feminist movement processing; • To reach consensus on the concept and significance of collective care in the feminist movement, and to expand the space of solidarity, support and trust-worthy communication. The discussion addressed the three frames: 1. Evaluate the past and assess the now 2. Feminist movement and collective welfare 3. Future Roadmap and collective strategy.
"Women for Change" NGO and "MONFEMNET National Network" NGO consortium are collaborating to organize the "Women's Leadership Network". The main objective of the network is to strengthen women's political participation and to promote public trust in elected offices. The network also aims to support women who aspire to take leadership roles in social change. The project "Promoting gender equality and women's participation at the decision-making level", implemented by the International Cooperation Agency of the Republic of Korea (KOICA) and the United Nations Development Program, provides the framework for this initiative. The Women's Leadership Network provides women with the knowledge and information required to participate in politics, run for decision-making positions, contest political elections, and gain the trust of citizens in leading policy initiatives based on human rights. The network's principles are consistent with the goals of gender equality and sustainable development. The mission of the Women's Leadership Network is to provide a supportive environment for women, where they can acquire the required skills, solidarity, and collective impact to achieve their leadership aspirations.
MONFEMNET national network has been organizing the conference "Through women's eyes" since 2006. The conference has grown into an independent public forum with a significant presence in the civil society arena. It provides a platform for policy discussions on democracy, human rights, and gender equality with multi-stakeholder representation. This year, the 14th conference will be held on May 10 at the conference hall of the Shangri-La Hotel. The conference will focus on the theme "Through women's eyes: Care economy."
Through Women’s Eyes Forum
About Us

MONFEMNET National Network is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization with a mission to serve as a strong driving force for the development of national, broad-based, democratic, sustainable, and transformative movements for women’s human rights, gender equality, substantive democracy, and social justice with our 19 member organizations.

Founded as the National Network of Mongolian Women’s NGOs in 2000 at the initiative of the attendees of the 5th Forum of Mongolian Women’s NGOs, it has been transformed rapidly since 2005. The Network updated its rules in 2007 and appointed its regulating body for the first time.

The charter was renewed in the 2007 Forum to assure gender equality, women’s human rights, democracy, and social justice as part of the organization’s expansion of its mandate in order to increase the breadth and depth as well as the effectiveness of its activities.

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