Consultative meeting#4

Consultative meeting#4


On April 18, 2023, a consultation on “Why young women are prevented from participating in economic activities” was held.

The inaccessibility of child care services and kindergartens hinders women with underage and multiple children to participate non-economic activities, indicating the need for policy-level regulatory changes and adaptation to real context.

The consultative meeting involved diverse stakeholders- the government institutions with specific functions, members of the core team, CSOs, and media groups. This is to thank the members of the core team who completed the case studies.

It was organized as part of the “STRENGTHENING THE MOVEMENT FOR WOMEN’S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT” project, launched by the Canadian Embassy and The Asia Foundation Mongolia.

Theme: Reasons why young women accessing early childhood education and childcare services are prevented from participating in economic activities


Core team IV


  1. Increase services for picking up children from kindergartens and schools in Ulaanbaatar, as well as temporary child care, within the framework of Supporting Women’s Employment, and allocate and approve adequate funding
  2. Organize online and in-class qualification trainings involving professional bodies and NGOs and seek support under the same program framework.
  3. Make remote and part-time employment services as sensitive to employment rights and deliver trainings combined with psychological counselling.
  4. Create a remote job posting space, and publicly inform and distribute to a larger audience.
  5. Monitor and evaluate whether labor contracts and internal regulations include provisions on the right to work for women and girls, and provide applicable comments and requirements.